Spring Fashion Trends 2015

The military trend

Well yes, the military trend continues to crack down on the catwalks, and starts a new season placed this time under the sign of the jumpsuit!

Then do not throw your khaki jacket and your chino pants worn this fall: they continue to be fully fashion for the season coming.


The strengths

The jumpsuit: It will be one of the master pieces of the season, all hues. You can therefore choose it khaki or grey, trimmed to size, but always straight down, and rolled up at the ankles, to perfectly meet this trend "Army".

The military-style dress, buttoned on the front, it also will be part.

The age-old khaki jacket

Pants chino in fallen heavy but materials that are not hot, like flax

Brown leather sandals

The Spartans they and lacing games also will be present in this trend

Sandals flat simple

Large bracelets, type bracelets force

Shorts dimples

Torn, worn t-shirts

The large belts made of leather


Black, who will also be a dominant color of the season, all the spectrum


The khaki



Dark green

Walleye, with keys

The Place to Be

On the Champs Elysees for the July 14 parade

Your pairs

Sergeant Pepper

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