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With the proliferation of websites selling fashion goods, spare parts, the question of whether we are paying for an authentic piece always it remains. Learn to recognize them.


Many people access the luxury market through the purchase of used items, most of them through websites. Online purchases do not allow the opportunity to see and touch the product, so the doubts about its authenticity often Arises.

If the online store selling luxury goods second hand is serious, we can be sure that they care about the authenticity of what they sell (of course not talking about shopping at flea markets, those we know who are imitations. For distinguish the original copy must follow a series of guidelines, say the experts Closet Emotions, e-commerce Pre-owned trendy fashion:

1) The logo: if you look well and is a copy, sure to be something that does not match the real: The G turned Gucci, Chanel C or L Loewe backwards, for example.


2) The serial number: I usually carry items from luxury brands, to identify them as unique objects but also as a method of verifying their authenticity.

3) Tags: I am a detail that luxury brands pays attention to.

4) Terminations: it is a foolproof method of testing. Luxury brands manufactured articles impeccable finish without loose threads with perfect shots, buttons and zippers sewn carefully ... Nothing is left to chance.


5) The quality of the fabric: is another key. If the fabric is not careful, the item is not authentic.

For Closet Emotions, its leaders remain an authentication protocol in which first the legal origin is guaranteed and the product is subjected to quality controls. “In doubt contacted the brand and we bring the article so they can analyze it and check us its authenticity,

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