If you're not one who chews everyday fashion but you will want to have in the closet that are essential for leaders every woman, here's our guide, which will help you to be always ready-at least from the point of view of fashion-just in case.

There are some garments that, besides being trendy, always are veritable passe-partout, which declined in many ways and can fit to any outfit-or almost.


MUST because, unlike those cocktail dresses bought and used those few times that the event requested, or those heeled shoes that are hard to match in addition to being particularly awkward, always, are available all year round, both day and night.

At number 10 we find them, the ballerinas. Although not particularly beloved by men, we adore: women are comfortable and that can be used both to tight pants or skirts, copying the timeless style of Brigitte Bardot.


The number 9 the rebel leader par excellence (at least when I went), unquestionably linked to the beautiful James Dean. What we're talking about? Jeans, of course.

At # 8 here appear another boss who never goes out of style: the trench. Perfect over jeans or over a dress, suitable to Ballet flats and heels, is the leader that you save in between seasons and in guise autumn. Classic beige, replaceable-if-with the blue version.


We continue to climb the leaderboard. The number 7 is the long cashmere cardigan. Lodging in lieu of a jacket (ah, the good fortune to be women), is ideal for dinners not too formal, for an evening at the theatre or for a "girls ' night out"

The number 6 is a leader for a few years now is part of the daily lives of the majority of women. Cigarette pants, especially blue and/or grey, are absolutely essential in the wardrobe of all of us.


We are in mid-table, where we find the blazer. This is a jacket with metal buttons which can be single-or double-breasted. Nautical origins, should be blue (in all its shades), is ideal to be worn with skirts and pants and perfect with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt.

Let's move on to another must, approaching more and more to the top 3. In fourth position the decollate with heel. Love, adore-and sometimes even real fetish-by men, the shoe with heel is a real must. Indispensable for ceremonies or special events, with skirts and pants, also contribute to improve posture, stretching his legs and making our gait more sensual, as lead us to is better.


The bronze medal goes to the little black dress, now known as the little black dress. A real classic introduced by fashion legend Coco Chanel which is fine by day and at night, when it is well enhanced with jewellery and accessories.

Silver Medal to another mat that you never do without. The black tube skirt, above or below the knee. Is synonymous with femininity. To wear almost exclusively with heeled shoes (even a few centimeters), to slim the figure.


We: No. 1, the gold medal goes ... the white cotton shirt. Why? Easy is a good ploy to be endured in order and look like dressed very well even without jacket, it is essential to put an elegant formal but can be easily configured so casual metrics through a pair of jeans, sneakers and a few of the fun and colorful accessories. (Know more fashion advice at http://www.ownow.com)


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