Wear what we like

The important thing at the bottom is not what you wear but how you wear: If a leader makes us feel beautiful, comfortable, at ease, it is always worth it although in theory is out of date or not suitable to our physical according to the guides that are often proposed by fashion magazines and referring to general standards and certainly not representative of all women on the planet.

Dress to express, not to impress

Perhaps one of the best in fashion tips, also with a view to finding a style that over time there is full, you try to express ourselves: it seems trivial, but sometimes you fall into the trap of appearing to us as we would like to see others, and how we are. In short, it can be difficult to find its own style, figure out what heads and cuts give more to our body, also worry what others think may be misleading and ... tiring. There will always be someone who will have something to say about our clothing: but if we’re showing what we truly are, it doesn’t hurt him.

Wearing the right underwear!

In summer do not wear multiple layers and layers of clothing: before you leave you should also pay attention to what you wear under your clothes! Classic rolls emanating from an elastic bra too tight and you can see under the shirt are not a pretty sight and even the maximum comfort.


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