The holidays are an ideal time for not suggest, have a perfect wardrobe, and so many of you know the first step for this is not that we are crazy to buy on sale, if not to get rid of clothes that don’t need,. If you don’t know where to start to clean this year, here is the list of things that you should immediately discard.

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1 jersey with pellets

2. Any other garment granules

3. Any clothing so not your size: both were they big like those you have outgrown.


4. Cheap Cowboys given him. The jeans low and medium quality and usually yields is very common after a season of continuous use of him.

5. All of the shoes that displace you or hurt. Although they are a pair of expensive shoes, you just have, you have a friend who can probably be used.


6 clothes washed or faded by the Sun.

7. The beautiful dress with a little fat on the spot that isn’t turpentine with both.


8. T advertising (of which the bars get in promoting brand rum). What the hell?

9 too short with you taste will never skirts,

10. In antifouling dressed.

(11) Super discounts, you bought clothes just in case, but never released. Five years ago.


12 pants pirate Court. Total obsolete,

13. Any clothing that has strained silicon. No need to explain properly?

14 - Underclothing, which has lost its original shape. Especially fixtures,

15 clothes in the closet with some DIY tutorial to turn guards for several seasons, but never find the time to,


16. The shoes are old, that skin is increased, or they bear who ate the soles of both.

17 bikinis fashion past or who have given him.

18. The MIDI skirt bought for trendy and never dared go to the street. Keep a clear conscience not the only victim of fashion.


19th cheap bags are peeled and with a little deformed.

20. The clothes that you have given and don’t know how.

21 costumes for the event that must you return always to work a suit. If ever that happens, believe me, they are very out-dated.


22 Cheap t-Shirts, which have lost the form of its seams,

23. The tangle of necklaces or bracelets, which you keep in a drawer and never get you remember.


24 New Year’s Eve dresses when they were 20 years old. It’s not likely again to go a Cotillion with open bar.

25 wearing Pyjamas sleep too long and lost charm. It can also serve for those who gave your grandmother last Christmas and there is nowhere to get.


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